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HAOLIMAC, as a professional supplier of automatic screw feeder, has developed a number of industry-leading products through continuous efforts, taking quality as the fundamental, customers as the purpose, technology as the driving force, and win-win situation as the goal, combining its own advantages and years of industry experience.

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Products cover automatic screw feeder, XYZ desktop automatic screw fitting machine, multi axis automatic screw driving machine, fixed automatic screwdriver machine, customized automatic screwing machine , with the perfect balance of performance and price, high quality and high efficiency of the perfect combination, has been in toys, gamepads, plastic hardware products, LCD(LED) modules, household appliances, furniture, automobiles, accessories, electromechanical, instrumentation, communication equipment, aviation, optics, medical, jewelry packaging, military and other industries have been widely used.

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HAOLIMAC is a professional automatic screw feeder manufacturer with blowing automatic screw feeder machine, pneumatic screw fastening machine, fixed automatic screw fitting machine, suction automatic screw driving machine, absorption automatic screw tightening machine, desktop automatic screwdriver machine, coordinates automatic screwing machine, multi axis automatic screw feeding machine, electric screwdriver set, torque reaction arm, the company has always been committed to the R&D of automation machines design, production, sales and service.

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