What is the operating principle of screw feeder machine?

What is the operating principle of screw feeder machine?

Screw feeder machine mainly through various types of electric and pneumatic electronic devices to complete the automatic screw conveying, tightening, detection and other processes, according to the equipment to optimize the screw fastening process, to reduce the number of manual and reduce the adverse factors caused by manual error, is a typical non-standard automation equipment. The driving form is mainly driven by motor, and the movement mode of coordinate axis is mainly:


1. X axis: The ball screw pair drives the linear slide rail to operate, and the operation table is placed on the single and double row linear slide rail and fixed, flat and ensure the smooth operation table. Operation table and screw nut fixed. The motor drives the X-axis lead screw to rotate, and the lead screw nut drives the operating table to move forward and forward along the single and double row straight slide rails in the direction of the X-axis.

2. Y axis: The servo motor drives the gear to complete the operation, and puts the high-precision linear slide on the gantry frame, in the middle of the left and right columns. Link the rail to the synchronous gear according to the gear chain. The motor drives the synchronous gear to operate, and the synchronous gear drives the high-precision linear slide rail to move parallel to the Y-axis in the Y-axis direction.

3. Z axis: Z axis movement is similar to the X axis, driven by the motor to drive the ball screw pair in the Z axis direction to do up and down.

4. R spindle: do rotating movement to push the screwdriver to lock the bolt.



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