What is an automatic screwdriver machine?How does it work

What is an automatic screwdriver machine?

An automatic screwdriver machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in manufacturing and assembly processes for efficiently and accurately inserting screws into various products. These machines come in various sizes, designs, and capabilities, but they all function to automate the process of inserting screws, reducing the time and labor required for manual screwing.

How Does an Automatic Screwdriver Machine Work?

Automatic screwdriver machines work by automating and simplifying the process of screwing. They consist of a few basic components, including a screw feeder, a screwdriver unit, and a controller.

The screw feeder is the part of the machine responsible for sorting and dispensing the screws. It typically consists of a hopper, where the screws are loaded, a feeding mechanism, and a trackway that guides the screws towards the screwdriver unit.

The screwdriver unit is the core of the machine and is responsible for placing the screws into the product. It consists of a motor, a clutch, and a bit holder. The motor provides the power to spin the screwdriver, while the clutch controls the torque, ensuring that the screw is neither under-tightened nor over-tightened. The bit holder holds the screwdriver bit, which is the piece that actually grips the screw and drives it into the product.

The controller is the brains of the operation, and its primary function is to synchronize the screw driving process between the screw feeder and the screwdriver unit. It also controls the speed and torque of the screwdriver, ensuring that the screws are inserted accurately and consistently. Some advanced automatic screwdriver machines also come equipped with sensors and cameras to detect and correct any errors that may occur during the insertion process.

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The operation of an automatic screwdriver machine can be broken down into the following steps:

STEP 1: Loading Screws Into the Hopper
The first step of the process is to load the screws into the hopper of the machine. The hopper is typically located on top of the machine and can hold a large quantity of screws.

STEP 2: Sorting and Feeding Screws
Once the screws are loaded, the feeding mechanism of the screw feeder will start to operate, separating the screws and guiding them towards the trackway. The trackway is designed to align the screws and feed them into the screwdriver unit one at a time.

STEP 3: Picking Up Screws
As the screws are fed into the screwdriver unit, they are picked up by the bit holder using a vacuum or a magnetic system. The bit holder then brings the screw to the correct position for insertion.

STEP 4: Inserting Screws
Now that the screws are in position, the screwdriver unit will apply the necessary torque and spin the screwdriver, driving the screw into the product. The controller ensures that the torque is consistent, ensuring that the screw is properly inserted. The machine can also detect cross-threading or stripping of screws and stop the operation to avoid damaging the product.

STEP 5: Repeat
The feeding, picking up, and inserting process will continue until all the screws are inserted. Once the hopper is empty, the machine will stop, and the operator can reload the hopper and restart the process.


Benefits of Using an Automatic Screwdriver Machine

Using an automatic screwdriver machine offers numerous benefits to manufacturing and assembly operations. Some of the key advantages include:

1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity
One of the primary benefits of using an automatic screwdriver machine is the significant increase in efficiency and productivity. These machines can work at a much faster pace than manual screwing, reducing the time and labor required for product assembly.

2. Accuracy and Consistency
Automatic screwdriver machines are designed to ensure accuracy and consistency in screwing processes. The controlled torque and speed provided by the machine result in consistent insertion depths and reduced chances of cross-threading or stripping of screws.

3. Cost Savings
By automating the screwing process, manufacturers can save on labor costs and increase overall productivity. Automatic screwdriver machines also have a longer lifespan than manual screwdrivers, resulting in cost savings over time.

4. Versatility
Automatic screwdriver machines come in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of products and screw sizes. They can be easily customized and adjusted for different products, making them a versatile tool for manufacturers.

5. Ergonomic Design
Manual screwing can be a physically demanding task, leading to fatigue and potential injuries for workers. Automatic screwdriver machines are designed to be ergonomic, reducing strain on workers and improving overall workplace safety.

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What is the purpose of the electric screwdriver?

An electric screwdriver or impact driver is a key piece of kit for your toolbox, allowing you to screw and unscrew as required with complete ease. They’re ideal for DIY projects, such as assembling flat pack furniture, laying a deck and putting up a fence or shed.

What is the function of smart screwdriver?

SMART screwdrivers with innovative handling: no repositioning of the blades necessary. The new improved swivel mechanism deletes the necessity to unplug and reposition the screwdriver blade for the change between screwdriver- and T-handle applications. Your work gets done faster and more efficiently.

Is an electric screwdriver a drill?

Power screwdrivers are generally not powerful enough to be used as traditional drills for drilling holes in sturdy materials such as metal or masonry. They can be handy for lighter-duty jobs such as drilling pilot holes in wood and other soft materials.

Can automatic screwdriver machine install complex screw configurations?

Yes, some automatic screwdriver machines are designed to handle complex screw configurations. These machines are equipped with advanced technology and programming capabilities that allow them to accurately and efficiently install screws of various sizes, shapes, and configurations. They can also be customized to meet specific screw installation requirements for different products and industries.

HAOLIMAC is a company specializing in the development and production of automatic screw fitting machines, with a team of more than 50 R&D and production staff. We undertake all kinds of customized screw fitting projects, such as plastic, zinc-plated, silver-plated and even gold-plated screws. We welcome inquiries from companies in need.
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