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What is an automatic screw feeder machine?

Automatic screw feeder machine is used to realize the automatic feeding, fastening and testing process of the screw through various electric and pneumatic components. Through the equipment to simplify the screw fastening process, to reduce the number of manual labor and reduce the number of manual misoperation of the undesirable factors brought about. It is a typical non-standard automation equipment.

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What products can automatic screw feeder machine be used for?

Automatic screw fastening machine is a full-automatic locking equipment that integrates taking, putting and locking in one, which is widely used in the automatic assembly of automobile parts manufacturing, computers, monitors, motors, lighting, cell phones, copiers, circuit boards, rechargeable batteries, instrument panels and so on, which can greatly improve the productivity, reduce the cost of the products, and improve the stability.

In addition, automatic screw fitting machine is also widely used in different fields: such as small toys, electronic equipment (cell phones, computer hard disk, computer keyboard, computer mouse, etc.), injection molds, communication equipment, LED lighting, automotive parts, small appliances, hardware processing and other labor-intensive companies. For companies with many dowel hole distances and complex installation processes, they can choose multi axis automatic screw feeder machine, coordinates desktop automatic locking screw machines to realize accurate screw locking.

What are the benefits of using automatic screw feeder machine?

The advantage lies in the fact that automatic screw machine does not require manual participation, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the probability of human error, thus better guaranteeing the quality of products. In terms of operation, the screw feeding machine is more stable than the hand-held type, as it is not affected by the shaking and rocking of the hand. Multiple programs can be stored and edited for a wider range of applications, which can be applied to the processing of different kinds of products.


How to buy the right automatic screw feeder machine for your product?

  • Whether the automatic screw feeder machine can be screened

The specific production process will appear burrs, flat head, large head and other shaped screws, catch a variety of shaped screws, do not meet the size and specifications, into the hopper. If the screw machine can be screened in the operation process of abnormal screws, there will be no jamming, that is, to meet one of the conditions of a good screw machine.

  • Whether the automatic screw feeder machine can be replenished

After the completion of the first step, the automatic screw feeder machine screened out the abnormal screws, there will be a gap; if the system can supply in time, there will be no gap. This is the second premise of a good automatic screw feeder machine.

  • Whether the automatic screw feeder machine will float teeth

Some manufacturers in order to make the shaped screws pass smoothly, increase all the channels, will lead to the electric screwdriver mouth is not easy to align the screws cross slot, resulting in locking screws floating teeth, increasing the number of substandard products.

  • Whether the automatic screw feeder machine can repeat feeding

Sometimes the previous screw is not clamped, the machine triggers a signal to convey another screw, resulting in the occurrence of blockage.

So to choose auto screw feeder machine‎, just follow these four steps, screening, automatic supplement, whether floating teeth, whether repeated feeding. If these four steps are passed, then this is a more perfect automatic screw feeder machine.

HOLITEK supplies high quality automatic screw feeder machine with automatic screw inspection, when a screw engagement fails, the machine automatically signals the operator to clear the fault. HOLITEK’s machines are easy to learn and faults can be accessed in just a few seconds. If you need an automatic screw locking machine, please feel free to contact us by the following information or visit our website:



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