The right automatic screwdriver machine manufacturers in China tell you 4 things you need to pay attention to

Automatic screwdriver machine need to pay attention to 4 things

With the rapid development of industry, automatic screwdriver machine has become an indispensable tool for manufacturing and processing, when the automation equipment, the use of screw automatic machine is relatively common, almost permeate all walks of life, and most of the functions of the non-standard design is based on the ability to be fully customized according to customer needs. Customized to better meet customer needs. In the operation of automatic screwdriver machine still have to pay more attention to some matters, to avoid accidents lead to safety accidents, affecting the production progress.


  • Matters I

Do not bend the screw conveyor tube, which may prevent the screws from reaching the electric nozzle properly.

  • Matter II

When the electric batch is locking the screws, do not operate the locking screw machine artificially, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.

  • Matter III

When operating, the air pressure should not be adjusted too much, it is easy to speed up the wear and tear around the electric batches.

  • Matter IV

In the screw feeding system, the vibration can not be adjusted too large, easy to cause the screws due to vibration is too large and fall off the track, affecting the normal operation of the automatic screw machine.

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These are the 4 things that HOLITEK explains to you that you need to pay attention to.

HOLITEK undertakes a variety of customized screw locking projects, such as plastic, galvanized, silver-plated and even gold-plated screws have successful locking cases, welcome the need for enterprises to call for advice.



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