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What is an automatic screw feeder?

Automatic screw feeder is a common component of automatic screwdriver machine, which can provide the role of screws in the production process of automatic locking machine. Automatic screwdriver machine is one of the essential equipment in the production process of manufacturing enterprises. Its high efficiency, fast locking method and low cost are favored by the majority of enterprises. As an important part of the automatic screwdriver machine, HOLITEK takes you to see what are the characteristics of the automatic screw feeder.

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What are the features of automatic screw feeder?

  • What type of screws are suitable

Specification, nuts, screws with spacers, etc. M0.8-M8 screws.

  • How to convey screws?

No cross wire wobble, eliminating lateral rail wobble for smoother transportation of screws.

  • What are the advanced institutions?

Selection of imported brushless motor, anti-interference intelligent control system, multi-signal transportation jacks.

  • How big is the capacity?

Extra-large silo, capacity is 3 times of the same model in the market (M3*10 can hold 1000 pcs).

  • For which automatic screwdriver machine?

The appearance of the classy, suitable for the platform automatic screwdriver machine and various types of robotic arms.

  • What happens when a bin is out of material?

Bin lack of material alarm prompts and signal output, can communicate with a variety of automatic screw feeder.

  • How to set up the parameters?

Visualized digital display function control panel, each parameter has a shortcut setting function key, you can directly complete the main parameter setting.

  • How long will it last?

The special design of the rail allows the thin cap screws to feed stably without overlapping, which is suitable for 24-hour uninterrupted operation, and the whole equipment has a super-long life.

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The role of the automatic screw feeder

The operator only needs to pour the screws into the bin, and when the turbine rolls, the screws will be extracted randomly. When the screws fall into the bin, due to gravity, the nut will be stuck on the track and the screw part will fall off naturally and then output through the track, which is the whole operation process of the automatic screw machine. Different screw feeding devices have different limitations and are not applicable to all screw standards.

Should pay attention to the following details:

1. the screw length standard is not greater than 20mm;

2. the diameter of the screw teeth should be 1.0-5.0mm. production process shall not be mixed, in order to prevent the screw feeder jammed, resulting in unnecessary damage.

What are the types of automatic screw feeder?

  • Blowing:

After compressed air is blown in, the screw is blown into the bottom of the batch opening and the motorized batch on the product is actively determined. The blowing type is generally applicable to screws below M5 with a length of less than 25. The total length of screw L should be greater than 1.3 of the diameter D of the filament head, otherwise the feeding tube will be overturned and can not be transported normally, and the material separation capacity reaches 1s/PC.

  • Adsorptive

The screws are adsorbed by means of a motorized doser that generates compressed air. Twisted loose, subsequently operated and placed in the product hole. In the product, the screening capacity is related to the travel interval and operating speed, usually 1.5-4s/PCS. Adsorptive screws are generally suitable for short lengths and light weights, and for screws that cannot be completed with blow molding. The upper surface layer creates a degree of sealing between the large screw head and the intermittent vacuum head cavity.

  • Vibration plate

It is an auxiliary feeding device for automatic assembly or active machining equipment. It can arrange various products in an orderly manner. With the help of automatic assembly equipment, it can assemble all parts of a product into a complete product, or use active machining equipment to complete the production processing of workpieces.

The above is the whole content of this article, I hope to let you clearly recognize the characteristics of automatic screw feeder, choose the right equipment for their own production.

HOLITEK supplies high quality automatic screw feeder machine with automatic screw inspection, when a screw engagement fails, the machine automatically signals the operator to clear the fault. HOLITEK’s machines are easy to learn and faults can be accessed in just a few seconds. If you need an automatic screw locking machine, please feel free to contact us by the following information or visit our website:


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