The right and fastest way of automatic screwing machine to detect 5 common faults

Automatic screwing machine common fault detection method

Automatic screwing machine is used in many factories to save labor and material resources, and to improve the efficiency and production capacity, but in the process of operation, there will be some problems, resulting in the equipment can not run properly and jeopardize the productivity, then how to solve these problems, HOLITEK take a look at the automatic screwdriver machine fault detection methods.


Detection steps of automatic screwing machine

1. Check whether the switching power supply is abnormal.
2. Check whether the automatic screw machine feeding is normal.
3. Check whether the data signal output is normal.
4. Check whether the main parameters of the program flow are set accurately, and reboot the machine after identifying no error.

Automatic screwdriver machine slippery teeth detection steps

1. Move the mouse to the screw hole of the sliding teeth, press the mouse to move the cursor to check whether there is an offset to adjust the screw hole again.
2. Check whether the electric screwdriver head is damaged. If damaged, replace the electric screwdriver head with a new one.

Procedure for detecting directional misalignment of locking screws

Check the accuracy of the orientation of each coordinate symbol in the program flow by selecting the Coordinate Verification function and viewing the coordinates from the beginning.

Floating Height Screw Lock Inspection Procedure

Ask whether the clear spreading ratio set throughout the program flow reaches the actual direction of the screw and whether the basic parameters of the locking rate are accurate.

Troubleshooting procedure for screws that cannot be removed from a screw automatic machine

1. Check if the slide is clogged.
2. Check if there are different sizes of screws.
3. There are too many screws for the slide to drag easily.


The above is common to some screw fastening robot fault detection methods, I hope to be able to help friends in need, more information about the information can also call to consult, HOLITEK wholeheartedly for your service.



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