The 3 most important parts of the auto screw machine and how it works

What is an auto screw machine

Auto screw machine is through all kinds of electric, pneumatic components to realize the automatic screw conveyor, tightening, testing and other processes, through the equipment to simplify the screw fastening process, to reduce the number of manual labor and reduce the number of manual misoperation brought about by the adverse factors. It is a typical non-standard automation equipment.
Auto screw machine is mainly divided into: handheld automatic screw feeder machine, multi-axis automatic screwdriver machine, coordinate screw feeding machine.
The auto screw machine is mainly applied to the locking of M1-M8 screws. Because it belongs to the non-standard automation equipment, with customizable features, products involving screw fastening can get the corresponding solution, the application field is more extensive.

auto screw machine

The 3 most important parts of an auto screw machine

  • Feeding Mechanism

Feeding mechanism contains screw screening, sorting feeding and distribution, screening can be divided into lifting type feeding, roller feeding and disc vibration feeding; sorting are used in a straight line track sorting, vibration feeding by the vibrator; distribution according to the screw specifications structure and product characteristics can be divided into blowing type, suction type two kinds of blowing type can be realized at the same time as a number of screws blowing, fast speed and highest efficiency, suction type Can only suck a screw at a time, the efficiency is low, can not use the blowing method of screws, you can consider using automatic screw feeder.

  • Control Section

The external program is written and written into PLC, and the PLC controls the motor or cylinder to run and drive the slide to move on the XYZ axis to realize the accurate positioning of the screw holes.

  • Locking Agency

The locking mechanism is mainly composed of electric screwdriver, cutter head, telescopic mechanism, clamping nozzle or sleeve, the screw feeder to send over the screws to the screw locking holes, control the electric screwdriver downward pressure, electric screwdriver has a downward pressure to start the function of the screw contact with the screw holes to automatically start the electric batch, to achieve the locking torque, automatic stop, complete the locking of the screw.

screwdriver automatic machine

Working Principle

When the auto screw machine locks a screw, by the incoming sensor system B and incoming sensor system A will signal to the signal receiver, the signal receiver will send the instruction to the feeder sensor, the feeder sensor starts to convey the screws out of the hopper, passing through the incoming material detector (automatic screening of bad screws) qualified screws. A screw is fed into the feeding tube, and the screw is sent to the batch nozzle from the feeding tube by air pressure.

Waiting for the lock payment, when the lock payment of a screw at the same time, the incoming material sensor and then the signal to the signal receiver, so that has been the cycle. Repeated automatic feeding auto screw machine contains screws automatic whole unit, screws automatic conveying unit and screws automatic tightening unit and locking process of the detection unit, screws automatic conveying unit will be a good list of screws single conveyor to the screw tightening unit of the working head.

auto screw feeder machine‎

Operation of workers

Workers place the product on the fixture, wait for the machine and equipment to lock the product, change the product, and then placed for the lock of the product, continue the same operation. auto screw machine operation is simple, convenient, time-saving and labor-saving, for the enterprise lock screw station to save labor, improve efficiency, performance 100% stable. Machine instead of labor, auto screw machine is your choice!



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