Torque Reaction Arm

Electric Screwdriver Torque Reaction Arm

Electric screwdriver torque reaction arm, also called electric screwdriver vertical holder, is composed of imported bearings and stainless steel guide shafts, and is a standard product used to correct the irregular movements of individual employees using electric batches.

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  1. The torque reaction arm consists of a base and a three-piece combination forearm to make the tool move more freely and conveniently during the assembly process. Allow X, Y, Z any direction of the lock screw operation, according to the operational needs of locking one or several directions of the rotary action.
  2. According to the human body mechanics, with the help of spring energy accumulation, the suspended operating tools are in a weightless state, which reduces the labor intensity of the operating workers and improves the labor productivity.
  3. The guide bar and bearing can withstand high load, sturdy structure, and can maintain high-precision operation under continuous operation. Can support different brands and models of electric screwdrivers.
  4. The electric screwdriver holder allows front-back, left-right, vertical operation and 360 degree rotation. It can always support the screwdriver to carry out correct screwing operations with basic movements and reduce the failure rate of screwing operations. Ensure that the electric batch always lock the screws at a vertical 90 ° angle, improve the quality of screw locking, reduce operator error, resulting in screw locking bad product quality problems.
  5. The operation is simple and fast, a substantial increase in work efficiency, eliminating the fatigue of the operator to hold the electric batch, for the torque of the electric batch, wind batch, can be firmly fixed to avoid operators due to the lack of hand-held strength generated by the quality of the problem or even workplace accidents.

Electric Screwdriver Counterbalance Arm Specifications

NO Altitude(mm) Arm Length (Extended Arm Length 400mm) Up and Down Stroke Load-Bearing(KG)
HLT-A1100K 1100 300MM-680MM 300-500MM 3-6KG

Electric Screwdriver Balancing Arm Pictures

Torque-Reverse-Arm Torque-reaction-arm

Electric Screwdriver Balance Arm Package & Delivery


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