Screw Feeding Machine

High Precision Blowing Screw Feeding Machine

1. Strong versatility, applicable to most products.

2. Good flexibility, the number of Z-axis electric batches can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. Machine can lock multiple products at the same time.

4. Dual station (Dual Y-axis), operator can load and unload materials alternately.

5. Automatic alignment of holes, freeing workers’ hands and reducing labor intensity.

6. High degree of automation, single operator can operate.

7. Accurate torque, customers can adjust the torque of electric batch independently.

8. Blowing feeding system saves the time of taking screws back and forth, more efficient and stable.

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China Wholesale Pneumatic Auto Locking Screw Feeding Machine

PLC control pneumatic ordinate screw feeding machine is faster, simplify the process without the need to take the screws, compared with the traditional adsorption type machine, screw feeding speed increased by 1 times, support for multiple screws at the same time conveyor tightening, improve the efficiency of many times.


Why choose the blowing type locking screw machine?

Blowing type automatic screw locking machine always have screws in the clamping nozzle, blow screws one by one, can be customized multiple axis, replacing a number of manual labor.

Adsorption type automatic screw locking machine needs to suck screws back and forth, a lot of time is wasted!

Coordinate type automatic screw locking machine through the PLC to set the coordinates of the point position, can be configured multi electric screwdrivers to enhance the efficiency. Flexibility is better, can store more than 999 sets of programs to meet the different products screw locking process. The operation is simple, through the configuration of the touch screen can be operated, without the need to match the computer.

Blow automatic screw locking machine mainly includes double platform and single platform, double platform in the daily production of the most applications, dual platform, convenient for operators to complete screw locking and product replacement on different platforms, the two platforms keep switching, no need to wait, and greatly improve production efficiency. If there are more screws, one person can supervise more than one equipment, which can save a lot of labor.

Auto Z Axis Screw Driver Machine Specifications

Machine G.W. About 50 kg
Overall dimensions (H)730*(L)480*(W)500mm(according to customer product size)
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Power 300 W
Environment temperature – 20 ~ 40 degrees
Rack Steel table, aluminum frame
Man-machine interface Touch screen
Program input Coordinate input
Host program control Omron PLC
Motor system Stepping precision motors
Transfer method High precision synchronous belt or precision grade wire rod+linear guide rail
Communication Serial port RS232C, computer communication software
Positioning accuracy X, Y, Z + / 0.02 mm: + / – 0.02 mm
Movement Distance XYYZ-5331. X:500mm, Y:300mm, Y:300mm, Z:100mm-150mm
Running speed 500 mm/s (X, Y)
Automatic screw feeder Put it on the workbench or under the workbench
Screw feeding quantity Configuration is based on the quantity of locking screws, 1 screw per time
Screwdriver KILEWS screwdriver (torque according to customer product configuration)
Quantity of Z axis screwdrivers 1-4 electric screwdrivers
XY axis locking range According to customer product customization
Z axis locking range According to customer product customization
Screw slide tooth detection Yes
Screw missing lock detection Yes
Screw missing feed detection Yes
Handling of lock defects Alarm lights and buzzers
Packing size 120*90*85cm
G.W. About 130kg

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