Screw Feeder Machine

Turntable Multi Axis Door Hinge Screw Feeder Machine

1. Multi-axis locking, capable of 3-5 workers.

2. Automatic positioning, the device performs the locking action according to the set position to avoid manual error operation.

3. Easy to operate, one person can load and unload products.

4. Stable performance.

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China Wholesale Auto Screw Feeder Machine Supplier

China screw feeder machine uses multiple fixtures to lock the products at the same time. While the turntable rotates to load, the robot automatically places the finished product onto the belt line. The operator only needs to load to the fixture, which greatly improves the efficiency.

Automatic Micro Screw Locking Machine Specifications

Machine G.W. About 150KG(according to customer products)
Overall Dimensions (H)1900* (L)800* (W)600mm(according to customer products)
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Power 0.3 KW
Air Comsumption 15 m3 / hour
Rack Steel table, aluminum frame
Host Program Control Mitsubishi PLC control
Man-machine Interface Taiwan Weinview
Machine Start Two-handed startup mode
Alarm Alarm lights flash and buzzers whistle
Universal Joint & Coupling Assembly Universal junction connection
Automatic Screw Feeder Next to or under the machine
Quantity of Automatic Screw Feeder Configuration is based on the quantity of locking screws, a machine can send 2 screws
KILEWS Screwdriver Yes
Applicable Product Size Custom
Horizontal Adjustment Range Custom
Vertical Adjustment Range Custom
Depth of Screw Locking Custom
Minimum Screw Pitch 20mm, unlimited maximum hole spacing
Screw Slide Tooth Detection Yes
Screw Leak Lock Detection Yes
Screw Leakage Detection Yes
Handling of Lock Defects Alarm lights and buzzers
Lock Shaft Quantity 2-12 shaft is optional
Locking Speed 2-5 seconds /PCS (depending on screw length)
Torque Adjustment Each axis can be adjusted separately
Suitable For Screw M1 – M8
Suitable For Products Toys, photoelectric, computer, plastic and other products

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