Multi Spindle Automatic Screw Machine

15 years of multi spindle automatic screw machine production experience.

Wide versatility, small size, can be used with production line, easy to replace the product.

With intelligent detection function.

High degree of automation, easy to operate.

Short customization lead time. ODM or OEM is OK

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HAOLIMAC is an enterprise that produces automatic equipment such as multi axis automatic screw driving machine,Automatic Screw Driving Machine Accessory,Customized Auto Screwdriver Machine,Adsorption Automatic Screw Machine,Fixed Auto Screw Feeder Machine,Surface Mount Pick And Place Machine,Multi Spindle Automatic Screw Machine,etc. Our products have a wide variety, excellent quality, reasonable prices, fashionable designs, and are widely used in industries such as automobiles,aviation,furniture,communication equipment,toys,household appliances.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who provide personalized one-on-one services throughout the entire process, from design communication to production input. We also have advanced manufacturing equipment and testing methods to provide customers with unique automatic locking solutions. And help customers improve product quality and production capacity.

Product Name multi spindle automatic screw machine
Place of Origin Shenzhen,Guangdong
Product Type automatic screwdriver machine
Colors Customized
Feature Fast speed,high quality…
Packaging Size(cm) 104 * 80 * 81 (Please consult us for specific details)
Package Strong wooden box
Weight (Kg) 63
Export region Oceania,Asia,Africa…
Export Country USA,France,Italy,Australia,Qatar,Iraq,India…etc
Experience 15 Years
Warranty 1 Year
Application household appliances,optics,communication equipment…etc
After-sale Service Online technical support
Power Source Electric
Machinery Test Report Provided
Lead time (days) 10-30(To be negotiated)

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multi spindle automatic screw machine is an intelligent automated production equipment. It adopts advanced visual systems and image recognition technology, which can automatically identify the material, size, and shape of the product, and achieve automated processing operations. In addition, it can also connect with other production equipment through the network, achieve information transmission and data sharing, and achieve comprehensive monitoring and management of the production process.


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multi spindle automatic screw machine—FAQs Guide

1.What should I do if we are not able to operate the machine when we receive it?

Operation manual and video demonstration sent along with the machine to give instructions. Besides, we have professional after-sale group to solve any problems.

2.What are the benefits of using Automatic Screwdriver Machine?

We have established long-term and stable partnerships with our suppliers, so we have great advantages in price and cost and quality assurance.

1. Increased Efficiency: Automatic screwdriver machines can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of screwing operations. They can quickly and accurately drive screws into products, reducing the time and effort required for manual screwing.

2. Consistency and Accuracy: These machines are designed to drive screws with precision and consistency, ensuring that each screw is driven to the same depth and angle. This helps to improve the overall quality and consistency of the final product.

3. Reduced Labor Costs: By automating the screwing process, companies can reduce the need for manual labor, which can result in significant cost savings over time.

4. Improved Ergonomics: Manual screwing can be a repetitive and physically demanding task, which can lead to strain and injuries for workers. Automatic screwdriver machines eliminate the need for manual screwing, reducing the risk of injuries and improving ergonomics in the workplace.

5. Versatility: These machines can be used for a wide range of screwing applications, making them suitable for various industries and products. They can handle different screw sizes and types, making them a versatile tool for any production line.

6. Quality Control: Automatic screwdriver machines can be equipped with sensors and cameras to detect any defects or errors in the screwing process. This helps to ensure that all screws are properly driven and reduces the risk of faulty products.

7. Cost-Effective: While the initial investment in an automatic screwdriver machine may be higher than manual screwing tools, the long-term cost savings in labor and increased efficiency make it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

8. Time-Saving: With the ability to drive screws at a much faster rate than manual screwing, automatic screwdriver machines can significantly reduce production time, allowing businesses to meet tight deadlines and increase productivity.

9. Easy to Use: These machines are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal training to operate. This makes them accessible to a wide range of workers, regardless of their skill level.

10. Customization Options: Automatic screwdriver machines can be customized to meet the specific needs of a production line. This includes the ability to adjust screwing speed, torque, and other parameters to ensure optimal performance.

What are the benefits of using Automatic Screwdriver Machine?

3.As a multi spindle automatic screw machine manufacturer,Do you accept ODM/OEM?

Yes, all of our equipment designed by engineers, base on the customer’s requirements.

4.What is the maximum part length multi spindle automatic screw machine can handle?

We adhere to the principle of integrity and transparency, and establish long -term relationships with partners, and we attach great importance to this detail.
The maximum part length that an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can handle depends on the specific model and design of the machine. Some machines may have a maximum part length of 12 inches, while others may be able to handle parts up to 36 inches in length. It is important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific machine to determine its maximum part length capacity.

What is the maximum part length multi spindle automatic screw machine can handle?

5.Can multi spindle automatic screw machine monitor the production process in real-time?

We have the leading technology and innovation capabilities, and attach importance to employee training and development, and provide promotion opportunities.
Yes, some automatic screwdriver machines have the capability to monitor the production process in real-time. This is typically achieved through the use of sensors and software that can track the movement and performance of the machine, as well as the number of screws being inserted and any errors or malfunctions that may occur. This real-time monitoring allows for better control and optimization of the production process, as well as the ability to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

6.How many tool positions does multi spindle automatic screw machine have?

We pay attention to the transformation of intellectual property protection and innovation achievements. Your OEM or ODM order design we have a complete confidentiality system.
The number of tool positions on an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Some machines may have only one tool position, while others may have multiple positions for different types of screws or tools. It is best to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific machine in question.

How many tool positions does multi spindle automatic screw machine have?

7.What is the working principle of Automatic Screwdriver Machine?

As one of the multi spindle automatic screw machine market leaders, we are known for innovation and reliability.
The working principle of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine involves the use of a rotating spindle and a feeding mechanism to automatically pick up and drive screws into a workpiece.

1. Screw Feeding: The first step in the process is the feeding of screws into the machine. This can be done manually or through a hopper or bowl feeder. The screws are then aligned and positioned for the next step.

2. Screw Pickup: The machine uses a rotating spindle with a magnetic tip to pick up a screw from the feeding mechanism. The magnetic tip ensures that the screw is securely held in place.

3. Screw Driving: Once the screw is picked up, the spindle rotates and moves towards the workpiece. The screw is then driven into the workpiece with the help of a torque-controlled motor. The depth of the screw can be adjusted according to the requirements.

4. Screw Release: After the screw is driven into the workpiece, the spindle releases the screw and moves back to its original position to pick up the next screw.

5. Repeat Process: The process is repeated continuously until all the screws are driven into the workpiece. The speed and accuracy of the process can be controlled through the machine’s settings.

Overall, the working principle of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine involves the precise coordination of the feeding mechanism, rotating spindle, and torque-controlled motor to efficiently and accurately drive screws into a workpiece.

8.What self checking functions does the multi spindle automatic screw machine have?

We have a good reputation and image in the industry. The quality and price advantage of multi spindle automatic screw machine products is an important factor in our hard overseas market.

1. Screw Detection: The machine has sensors that can detect the presence or absence of a screw in the screwdriver head before and after the screwing process.

2. Torque Monitoring: The machine has a torque sensor that measures the torque applied during the screwing process. If the torque is not within the set range, the machine will stop and alert the operator.

3. Screw Depth Control: The machine has a depth control mechanism that ensures the screw is inserted to the correct depth. If the screw is not inserted to the desired depth, the machine will stop and alert the operator.

4. Screw Tightness Check: The machine can check the tightness of the screw after it has been inserted. If the screw is loose, the machine will stop and alert the operator.

5. Error Detection: The machine has error detection sensors that can identify any malfunction or error in the screwing process. If an error is detected, the machine will stop and alert the operator.

6. Screw Counting: The machine has a screw counting function that keeps track of the number of screws inserted. This helps in ensuring that all screws are inserted correctly and no screws are missed.

7. Self-Correction: The machine has a self-correction mechanism that can detect and correct any misaligned screws or screws that are not inserted properly.

8. Self-Diagnosis: The machine has a self-diagnosis function that can detect any issues or errors in its operation. It can also provide troubleshooting suggestions to the operator.

9. Data Logging: The machine can log data related to the screwing process, such as screw count, torque applied, and any errors detected. This data can be used for analysis and quality control purposes.

10. Visual and Audible Alarms: The machine has visual and audible alarms that alert the operator in case of any errors or malfunctions. This helps in ensuring timely intervention and preventing any potential issues.

What self checking functions does the multi spindle automatic screw machine have?


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