Fixed Auto Screw Feeder Machine

Plastic Socket Automatic Screw Tightening Machine

1. With intelligent detection function, can detect miss lock, float lock, slip teeth, etc.

2. Strong versatility, adapt to M1.00-M5.0 screw lock requirements.

3. Strong flexibility, standard universal fixture for a variety of products.

4. Thickened aluminum alloy structure, low noise, high reliability of screw feeding.

5. High efficiency, the use of blowing screw, no need to take the screw back and forth.

6. High capacity storage space, can store 9999 programs.

7. High-resolution color screen, Chinese and English interface, easy to learn and use.

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China Automatic Screw Tightening Machine Supplier

HAOLIMAC’s automatic screw tightening machine team has R&D, production, and after-sales teams to meet customers’ individual requirements, with guaranteed machine upgrades and after-sales service. The tabletop design is easy to move to wherever you want, and the fixed screwdrivers and clamps ensure consistent product quality, thus reducing the number of unqualified products caused by human error.

Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Machine Specifications

Model H-310
Machine Stroke 400X*400Y*110Z mm
Processing Range 370X*400Y*110Z mm
repeatability ±0.02mm(X/Y/Z)
Fixture Platform 1s
Number Of Lot Heads 2s
Applicable Screw M1.0-M5.0
Feeding Mode Blow Type
Driving Mode Precision stepper motor + precision rail (optional closed loop motor)
Number Of Axes 3s
Display Mode Liquid Crystal Display
Control Mode Special controller for locking screw machine
Program Record Capacity 9999
Edit Mode Teaching Box
Air Pressure 4-6KG cm²
Power Source AC220V
Overall Dimension 580*600*725mm
Weight 60KG

Automatic Screwdriver Feed Machine Pictures

automatic-screwdriver-feed-machine automatic-screw-feeder-with-screwdriver-machine

Automatic Screwdriver Screw Tightening Machine Application


Automatic Screw Fitting Machine Workshop


Package & Delivery

fixed-3-axis-screw-locking-machine screw-tightening-machine-for-combination-two-components

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