Electric Screwdriver Set

High Precision Automatic Electric Screwdriver Set

1. Built-in assembly alloy gear, high coaxial compatibility, stable and not easy to fall off.

2. Core power design, strong and stable power, no section strong torque easy disassembly.

3. 23 gear clockwise rotation can adjust the torque, effectively protect the screw is not easy to slip.

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China High Speed Electric Screwdriver Set Supplier

HAOLIMAC’s light weight electric screwdriver set is not tried even for long time using , when the screw locking reaches the set torque, the clutch will automatically jump off, the motor will automatically cut off the power and brake in time to stop the electric screwdriver.

Brushless motor, more stable torque output, suitable for use in dust-free working environment, high stability, easy to operate, the driver can be used for a long time.

Auto Feed Screwdriver Specifications

NO Input Voltage Rated Power Torsion(kgf/cm) Rotational Speed(rpm) Screw(mm) Diameter(mm) Weight
B4-15 110-240V 60W 2-15 1000-1400 1.2-4 φ4 0.25kg
B5-25 80W 3-25 1000-1500 1.6-5 φ5 0.45kg
B6-35 80W 5-35 700-1100 2-6 φ6 0.45kg
BD4-07 110-240V 60W 0.5-7 1000-1400 1.2-4 φ4 0.25kg
BD5-15 80W 2-15 1000-1500 1.6-5 φ5 0.45kg
BD6-35 80W 5-35 700-1100 2-6 φ6 0.45kg
WD4-07 110-240V 60W 0.5-7 1000-1400 1.2-4 φ4 0.25kg
WD5-15 2-15 1000-1500 1.6-5 φ5 0.25kg

Self Feeding Screw Driver Pictures

self-feeding-screw-driver screwdriver-robot screwdriver-machine screw-fitting-machinepower-screw-drivers hand-screwdriver-machine electric-torque-screwdriver-manufacturersautomatic-screwdriver-with-automatic-feeding automatic-screwdriver-feeder automatic-screw-driver

electric-screwdriver-machine electric-screwdriver-machine-manufacturer automatic-screw-feeder-screwdriver automatic-electric-locking-screwdriver-machine auto-feeder-screwdriver auto-feed-screwdriver auto-feed-screw-driver screwdriver-with-automatic-screw-feeder electric-screwdriver-with-screw-feeder electric-screwdriver-set

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