Automatic Screw Feeding Machine

Six Axis Switch Locking Automatic Screw Feeding Machine

1. Customized machine functions according to your needs

2. High efficiency, combined with automatic locking of the assembly line.

3. Multi-axis locking, saving time and effort.

4. 3D positioning, accurate and stable.

5. Light and flexible operation.

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China Multi Axis Automatic Screw Feeding Machine Supplier

China automatic screw feeding machine has 6 fixed Z axis, can be locked 6 screws at the same time. It is suitable for the products such as plastic toys, door hinge,switch,electric watch and various of products that need to spend too much time on locking screws.

Automatic Screwdriver Locking Robot Screw Machine Specifications

Product Size 1180*1050*1600(MM)
Net Product Weight 300kg±20kg
Operating Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Working Pressure 5.5(±0.5)KG/㎡
Lockout Procedure Multiple products can be compatible with lock payment
Adaptor Screw M1.0~M12.0
Dynamic System Closed-Loop Servomotor
Fuselage Frame Profile + Sheet Metal Paint
Lock Unit 6 sets of industrial brushless electrical batch
Transmission Mode Screw Drive + Double Guide Rail
Control System PLC+ Touch Screen
Lock Efficiency 0.8~1.2 seconds/screw X4

Automatic Screw Fitting Machine Pictures


Screwdriver Automatic Screw Locking Machine Application


Automatic Looking Screw Machine Workshop


Automatic High Precision Screwdriver Machine Package & Delivery

automatic-looking-screw-machine automatic-high-precision-screwdriver-machine

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