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15 years of automatic screw fastening machine production experience.

Wide versatility, small size, can be used with production line, easy to replace the product.

With intelligent detection function.

High degree of automation, easy to operate.

Short customization lead time. ODM or OEM is OK

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HAOLIMAC TECHNOLOGY is a professional enterprise that produces automation equipment such as Adsorption Automatic Screw Machine,Fixed Auto Screw Feeder Machine,Surface Mount Pick And Place Machine,XYZ desktop automatic screw fitting machine,Automatic Screw Driving Machine Accessory,multi axis automatic screw driving machine,Handheld Automatic Screw Feeder Machine. A high-tech manufacturer that integrates product research and development, production and sales, and service throughout the entire industry chain.

Continuously developing new products, designing complete sets of automated equipment with stable production performance, and winning the product market for customers. Our product can be widely used in markets such as communication equipment,furniture,toys,automobiles,optics,household appliances,medical, etc. In addition, we use customized anti-collision sponges and export standard wooden boxes to protect the machine from external damage during transportation.

Product Name automatic screw fastening machine
Model Type Automatic Screwdriver Machine
Place of Origin Shenzhen,China
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Colors Customized
Host Program Control Omron PLC
Packaging Size(cm) 108 * 86 * 81 (Please consult us for specific details)
Package Strong wooden box
Motor system Stepping precision motors
Export region Oceania,Europe,America…
Export Country USA,France,Italy,Australia,Andorra,Syria,Dominica,Christmas Island…etc
Weight(KG) 92
Warranty 1Year
Application communication equipment,household appliances,medical…etc
After-sale Service Online technical support
Condition New
Core Components PLC, Motor
Lead time (days) 10-30(To be negotiated)

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With the continuous progress of technology and the demand for industrial production, automatic screw fastening machine has emerged. It adopts CNC technology and can complete various stages of screw processing through pre-set programs, such as feeding, feeding, bending, cutting, tooth surface processing, etc. This type of machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, and stable operation, which can effectively reduce human factors in production and ensure product consistency and stability.


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automatic screw fastening machine—FAQs Guide

1.Does automatic screw fastening machine have a chip conveyor for efficient waste removal?

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It depends on the specific model and manufacturer of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some models may have a built-in chip conveyor for efficient waste removal, while others may require manual removal of waste. It is best to check with the manufacturer or product specifications to determine if a chip conveyor is included.

2.Can automatic screw fastening machine operate without human supervision?

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Yes, an automatic screwdriver machine can operate without human supervision. These machines are designed to be fully automated and can be programmed to perform specific tasks without the need for human intervention. However, they may require occasional maintenance and monitoring to ensure proper functioning.

3.What is the maximum part length automatic screw fastening machine can handle?

We adhere to the principle of integrity and transparency, and establish long -term relationships with partners, and we attach great importance to this detail.
The maximum part length that an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can handle depends on the specific model and design of the machine. Some machines may have a maximum part length of 12 inches, while others may be able to handle parts up to 36 inches in length. It is important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific machine to determine its maximum part length capacity.

4.How many tool positions does automatic screw fastening machine have?

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The number of tool positions on an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Some machines may have only one tool position, while others may have multiple positions for different types of screws or tools. It is best to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific machine in question.

5.Does automatic screw fastening machine have automatic bar feed capability?

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Yes, some automatic screwdriver machines have automatic bar feed capability. This feature allows the machine to automatically feed screws from a bar or tube, eliminating the need for manual loading of individual screws. This can increase efficiency and productivity in assembly processes. However, not all automatic screwdriver machines have this capability, so it is important to check the specifications of a specific machine before purchasing.

Does automatic screw fastening machine have automatic bar feed capability?

6.Can automatic screw fastening machine monitor the production process in real-time?

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Yes, some automatic screwdriver machines have the capability to monitor the production process in real-time. This is typically achieved through the use of sensors and software that can track the movement and performance of the machine, as well as the number of screws being inserted and any errors or malfunctions that may occur. This real-time monitoring allows for better control and optimization of the production process, as well as the ability to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

7.How difficult is the operation of automatic screw fastening machine?

We focus on our customers’ needs and strive to meet their expectations, so we take this very seriously.
The operation of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can vary in difficulty depending on the specific machine and its features. Some machines may have more complex controls and require more technical knowledge to operate, while others may have simpler controls and be easier to use. Additionally, the difficulty may also depend on the user’s familiarity with similar machines and their level of experience with operating machinery. Overall, with proper training and understanding of the machine’s functions, the operation of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can be relatively straightforward.

8.How automated is the automatic screw fastening machine?

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The level of automation in an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Some machines may have basic automation features such as automatic screw feeding and tightening, while others may have more advanced features such as automatic screw size detection and adjustment, multiple screwdriver heads for different screw types, and integration with other automated systems. Ultimately, the level of automation will depend on the capabilities and features of the specific machine.

9.About automatic screw fastening machine,What is the Warranty?

We provide 12 months free warranty, and free technical support for the whole life of any machine.

10.How does automatic screw fastening machine handle complex-shaped parts?

We focus on providing high automatic screw fastening machine quality products and services.Automatic screwdriver machines are designed to handle a wide range of complex-shaped parts. These machines use advanced technology and precision engineering to accurately and efficiently drive screws into complex-shaped parts.

Here are some ways in which automatic screwdriver machines handle complex-shaped parts:

1. Customized Fixtures: Automatic screwdriver machines can be equipped with customized fixtures that are specifically designed to hold and position complex-shaped parts. These fixtures ensure that the parts are held securely in place during the screwdriving process, preventing any movement or misalignment.

2. Multiple Spindles: Many automatic screwdriver machines come with multiple spindles, which allow them to drive screws into multiple points on a complex-shaped part simultaneously. This reduces the time required for screwdriving and ensures that all screws are driven accurately and consistently.

3. Flexible Programming: Automatic screwdriver machines can be programmed to handle different types of complex-shaped parts. The programming can be customized to adjust the speed, torque, and angle of the screwdriver based on the shape and size of the part, ensuring precise and efficient screwdriving.

4. Vision Systems: Some automatic screwdriver machines are equipped with vision systems that use cameras and sensors to detect the position and orientation of complex-shaped parts. This allows the machine to adjust its movements and ensure accurate screwdriving even on irregularly shaped parts.

5. Adaptive Control: Automatic screwdriver machines with adaptive control technology can adjust the screwdriving process in real-time based on the feedback from sensors and vision systems. This allows the machine to adapt to any changes in the shape or position of the part, ensuring consistent and accurate screwdriving.

Overall, automatic screwdriver machines use a combination of advanced technology, precision engineering, and customizable features to handle complex-shaped parts with ease and efficiency.

How does automatic screw fastening machine handle complex-shaped parts?


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