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15 years of automatic screw bowl feeder production experience.

Wide versatility, small size, can be used with production line, easy to replace the product.

With intelligent detection function.

High degree of automation, easy to operate.

Short customization lead time. ODM or OEM is OK

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HAOLIMAC TECHNOLOGY specializes in producing various automatic screwdriver machines. The company has strong technical strength, complete equipment, and a complete system of development, research, production, sales, and after-sales service.

The main products include multi axis automatic screw driving machine,Surface Mount Pick And Place Machine,Pneumatic Automatic Screw Fitting Machine,Multi-Spindle Auto Screw Machine,Adsorption Automatic Screw Machine,Handheld Automatic Screw Feeder Machine,XYZ desktop automatic screw fitting machine,Customized Auto Screwdriver Machine, etc. The product sells well in the domestic market and is exported to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, as well as Iran,Tonga,Israel,Switzerland and other countries. We strive for sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on product innovation and quality, and are committed to building an efficient, high-quality, and service-oriented brand enterprise.

Product Name automatic screw bowl feeder
Model Type Automatic Screwdriver Machine
Place of Origin Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Colors Customized
Host Program Control Omron PLC
Packaging Size(cm) 125 * 82 * 85 (Please consult us for specific details)
Package Strong wooden box
Motor system Stepping precision motors
Export region Europe,America,Africa…
Export Country USA,France,Italy,Australia,Bahamas, The,Faroe Islands,Mozambique,Niue…etc
Weight(KG) 62
Warranty 1Year
Application toys,medical,plastic hardware products,furniture…etc
After-sale Service Online technical support
Condition New
Core Components PLC, Motor
Lead time (days) 10-30(To be negotiated)

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automatic screw bowl feeder is a high-speed and high-precision automated production equipment. It adopts multi axis control technology, which can process multiple screws simultaneously, greatly improving production efficiency. At the same time, it has functions such as automatic recognition, automatic adjustment, and automatic detection. It can automatically adjust the processing parameters according to the changes in the product, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the product.


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Automatic screw bowl feeder—FAQs Guide

1.About automatic screw bowl feeder,What information should the customer provide to get an accurate quotation from us?

The customer should provide the related technical requirements, drawings, pictures, industrial voltage, planned output, etc.

2.Can the size of the automatic screw bowl feeder be adjusted?

Our automatic screw bowl feeder products have competitive and differentiated advantages, and actively promote digital transformation and innovation.
Yes, the size of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can be adjusted. Most machines come with adjustable settings for screw length, diameter, and torque, allowing for flexibility in handling different sizes of screws. Some machines also have interchangeable screwdriver heads or attachments to accommodate various screw sizes. Additionally, the machine’s programming can be adjusted to handle different screw sizes and types.

3.What is the working principle of Automatic Screwdriver Machine?

As one of the automatic screw bowl feeder market leaders, we are known for innovation and reliability.
The working principle of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine involves the use of a rotating spindle and a feeding mechanism to automatically pick up and drive screws into a workpiece.

1. Screw Feeding: The first step in the process is the feeding of screws into the machine. This can be done manually or through a hopper or bowl feeder. The screws are then aligned and positioned for the next step.

2. Screw Pickup: The machine uses a rotating spindle with a magnetic tip to pick up a screw from the feeding mechanism. The magnetic tip ensures that the screw is securely held in place.

3. Screw Driving: Once the screw is picked up, the spindle rotates and moves towards the workpiece. The screw is then driven into the workpiece with the help of a torque-controlled motor. The depth of the screw can be adjusted according to the requirements.

4. Screw Release: After the screw is driven into the workpiece, the spindle releases the screw and moves back to its original position to pick up the next screw.

5. Repeat Process: The process is repeated continuously until all the screws are driven into the workpiece. The speed and accuracy of the process can be controlled through the machine’s settings.

Overall, the working principle of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine involves the precise coordination of the feeding mechanism, rotating spindle, and torque-controlled motor to efficiently and accurately drive screws into a workpiece.

4.How durable is the automatic screw bowl feeder

We have broad development space in domestic and foreign markets. automatic screw bowl feeders have great advantages in terms of price, quality, and delivery date.

The durability of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine depends on various factors such as the quality of materials used, maintenance, and frequency of use. Generally, a well-maintained machine can last for several years. However, it is important to regularly clean and lubricate the machine to ensure its longevity. Additionally, using the machine within its recommended capacity and avoiding excessive force can also help prolong its lifespan.

How durable is the automatic screw bowl feeder

5.Can automatic screw bowl feeder monitor the production process in real-time?

We have the leading technology and innovation capabilities, and attach importance to employee training and development, and provide promotion opportunities.
Yes, some automatic screwdriver machines have the capability to monitor the production process in real-time. This is typically achieved through the use of sensors and software that can track the movement and performance of the machine, as well as the number of screws being inserted and any errors or malfunctions that may occur. This real-time monitoring allows for better control and optimization of the production process, as well as the ability to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

6.What error prompt functions does automatic screw bowl feeder have?

We pay attention to user experience and product quality, and provide the best product quality and lowest production cost for cooperative customers.

1. Error code display: The machine will display a specific error code on its screen to indicate the type of error that has occurred.

2. Audible alarms: The machine may emit a beeping sound or other audible alarm to alert the operator of an error.

3. Visual indicators: The machine may have LED lights or other visual indicators that will flash or change color to indicate an error.

4. Error message display: The machine may display a specific error message on its screen to provide more detailed information about the error.

5. Automatic shutdown: In some cases, the machine may automatically shut down when an error occurs to prevent further damage.

6. Error log: The machine may keep a log of all the errors that have occurred, which can be accessed by the operator for troubleshooting purposes.

7. Remote monitoring: Some automatic screwdriver machines may have the capability to send error notifications to a remote device, allowing for quick troubleshooting and maintenance.

8. Self-diagnosis: The machine may have a self-diagnostic function that can detect and report errors automatically.

9. Emergency stop button: In case of a critical error, the machine may have an emergency stop button that can be pressed to immediately halt all operations.

10. Error recovery: Depending on the type of error, the machine may have a built-in error recovery function that can automatically fix the issue and resume normal operation.

7.About automatic screw bowl feeder,How do you test the machine before shipment?

We will run the machine for 48 hours .and send you the test video .we can alsohave remote FAT.

8.Does automatic screw bowl feeder have a touch screen control panel?

We have advanced production equipment and technology to meet the needs of customers, and can provide customers with high quality, low priced automatic screw bowl feeder products.
It depends on the specific model and brand of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some models may have a touch screen control panel, while others may have a traditional button or dial control panel. It is best to check the specifications of the specific machine you are interested in to determine if it has a touch screen control panel.

Does automatic screw bowl feeder have a touch screen control panel?

9.Do I need manufacturer support to use automatic screw bowl feeder?

We maintain a stable growth through reasonable capital operations, focus on industry development trends and cutting -edge technologies, and focus on product quality and safety performance.
It depends on the specific model and brand of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some machines may require manufacturer support for installation, maintenance, and repairs, while others may be designed for easy use without the need for manufacturer support. It is best to consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for more information on the specific machine you are interested in using.

10.What intelligent recognition functions does the automatic screw bowl feeder have?

We are a new automatic screw bowl feeder manufacturer.

1. Screw Detection: The machine is equipped with sensors that can detect the presence and position of screws, ensuring accurate and precise screw insertion.

2. Screw Tightness Detection: The machine can detect the tightness of screws and adjust the torque accordingly to ensure proper fastening.

3. Screw Size Recognition: The machine can recognize different screw sizes and automatically adjust the screwdriver to fit the specific screw.

4. Screwdriver Bit Recognition: The machine can recognize different types of screwdriver bits and automatically select the appropriate one for the specific screw.

5. Error Detection: The machine has built-in error detection capabilities that can identify and alert the operator of any issues, such as missing screws or incorrect screw insertion.

6. Self-Correction: In case of any errors or malfunctions, the machine can automatically correct itself and resume operation without human intervention.

7. Data Logging: The machine can record and store data on screw insertion, tightness, and other parameters for quality control and analysis purposes.

8. Multi-Tasking: The machine can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as screw insertion, tightening, and error detection, increasing efficiency and productivity.

9. User-Friendly Interface: The machine has a user-friendly interface that allows for easy programming and customization of screwdriving tasks.

10. Integration with Other Systems: The machine can be integrated with other systems, such as conveyor belts or robotic arms, for a fully automated assembly process.


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