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15 years of automatic feed screw driver production experience.

Wide versatility, small size, can be used with production line, easy to replace the product.

With intelligent detection function.

High degree of automation, easy to operate.

Short customization lead time. ODM or OEM is OK

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HAOLIMAC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. specializes in producing various automatic screwdriver machines. The company has strong technical strength, complete equipment, and a complete system of development, research, production, sales, and after-sales service.

The main products include Customized Auto Screwdriver Machine,Adsorption Automatic Screw Machine,Fixed Auto Screw Feeder Machine,Automatic Screw Driving Machine Accessory,XYZ desktop automatic screw fitting machine,Pneumatic Automatic Screw Fitting Machine, etc. The product sells well in the domestic market and is exported to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, as well as Cuba,Uzbekistan,Falkland Islands and other countries. We strive for sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on product innovation and quality, and are committed to building an efficient, high-quality, and service-oriented brand enterprise.

Product Name automatic feed screw driver
Place of Origin Shenzhen,China
Type Automatic Screwdriver Machine
Colors Customized
Rack Steel table, aluminum frame
Environment temperature – 20 ~ 40 degrees
Weight(KG) 64
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Application medical,optics,toys…etc
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Machinery Test Report Provided
Power 300 W
Packaging Size(cm) 127 * 90 * 87 (Please consult us for specific details)
Packaging Details Wooden box
Export region Europe,Africa,Asia
Export Country USA,France,Italy,Australia,Slovakia,Cuba,Egypt,Germany…etc
Lead time (days) 10-30 (To be negotiated)
Supply Ability

100-300 Set/Sets per Month

Please refer to the specific model for details

 Please note: The above table data is for reference only. For specific information, please contact us.

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automatic feed screw driver are devoted to helping customers to improve the product quality and production capacity, reduce production costs and labor costs, and greatly enhance the corporate image.

HAOLIMAC adopts customized anti-collision sponge and export standard wooden case to protect the machine from external damage during transportation, no loose parts to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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automatic feed screw driver—FAQs Guide

1.What is the production capacity of the automatic feed screw driver?

We continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge to adapt to changing automatic feed screw driver market needs.
The production capacity of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, on average, these machines can produce anywhere from 500 to 2000 screws per hour. Some high-end models may have a production capacity of up to 5000 screws per hour.

2.What energy-saving features does automatic feed screw driver have?

We are committed to providing personalized solutions and established long -term strategic cooperative relationships with customers.

1. Automatic shut-off: The machine will automatically shut off when not in use, saving energy and preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

2. Energy-efficient motor: The motor used in automatic screwdriver machines is designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power while still providing high performance.

3. Variable speed control: Many automatic screwdriver machines have variable speed control, allowing the user to adjust the speed according to the task at hand. This helps to conserve energy by using only the necessary amount of power.

4. LED lighting: Some automatic screwdriver machines come equipped with LED lighting, which consumes less energy than traditional lighting sources.

5. Low power consumption in standby mode: When not in use, automatic screwdriver machines consume very little power in standby mode, making them energy-efficient.

6. Energy-saving mode: Some models have an energy-saving mode that automatically reduces power consumption when the machine is not in use for a certain period of time.

7. Automatic screw feeding: Automatic screwdriver machines with automatic screw feeding systems use less energy compared to manual screw feeding, as they require less human effort.

8. Energy-efficient design: Many automatic screwdriver machines are designed to be energy-efficient, with features such as low-friction components and optimized power usage.

9. Energy-saving accessories: Some automatic screwdriver machines come with energy-saving accessories such as rechargeable batteries or power-saving adapters.

10. Energy consumption monitoring: Some advanced models have energy consumption monitoring systems that allow users to track and optimize their energy usage.

3.Do I need manufacturer support to use automatic feed screw driver?

We maintain a stable growth through reasonable capital operations, focus on industry development trends and cutting -edge technologies, and focus on product quality and safety performance.
It depends on the specific model and brand of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some machines may require manufacturer support for installation, maintenance, and repairs, while others may be designed for easy use without the need for manufacturer support. It is best to consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for more information on the specific machine you are interested in using.

Do I need manufacturer support to use automatic feed screw driver?

4.What complex production processes can automatic feed screw driver handle?

We have been working hard to improve service quality and meet customer needs.Automatic Screwdriver Machines are capable of handling a wide range of complex production processes, including:

1. Screw driving: The primary function of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine is to drive screws into various materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and more. These machines can handle different types and sizes of screws, making them suitable for a variety of production processes.

2. Screw feeding: Automatic Screwdriver Machines are equipped with a screw feeding system that can handle a large number of screws at once. This allows for continuous and efficient production without the need for manual loading of screws.

3. Screw tightening: In addition to driving screws, Automatic Screwdriver Machines can also tighten them to a specific torque. This is essential for ensuring the screws are securely fastened and can withstand the required load.

4. Screw counting and sorting: Some Automatic Screwdriver Machines are equipped with sensors and software that can count and sort screws based on their size, type, and other parameters. This feature is particularly useful for high-volume production processes.

5. Multiple screw driving: Some production processes require the use of multiple screws of different sizes and types. Automatic Screwdriver Machines can handle this by automatically switching between different screwdrivers and adjusting the torque settings accordingly.

6. Integration with other machines: Automatic Screwdriver Machines can be integrated with other machines in a production line, such as conveyors, robots, and assembly machines. This allows for a seamless and efficient production process.

7. Quality control: Automatic Screwdriver Machines can be equipped with sensors and software that can detect and reject defective screws, ensuring the quality of the final product.

8. Customization: Many Automatic Screwdriver Machines can be customized to meet the specific needs of a production process. This includes the ability to handle unique screw sizes, shapes, and materials.

Overall, Automatic Screwdriver Machines are versatile and can handle a wide range of complex production processes, making them an essential tool in many industries.

5.As a automatic feed screw driver manufacturer,Do you accept ODM/OEM?

Yes, all of our equipment designed by engineers, base on the customer’s requirements.

6.Does automatic feed screw driver have a touch screen control panel?

We have advanced production equipment and technology to meet the needs of customers, and can provide customers with high quality, low priced automatic feed screw driver products.
It depends on the specific model and brand of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some models may have a touch screen control panel, while others may have a traditional button or dial control panel. It is best to check the specifications of the specific machine you are interested in to determine if it has a touch screen control panel.

Does automatic feed screw driver have a touch screen control panel?

7.How durable is the automatic feed screw driver

We have broad development space in domestic and foreign markets. automatic feed screw drivers have great advantages in terms of price, quality, and delivery date.

The durability of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine depends on various factors such as the quality of materials used, maintenance, and frequency of use. Generally, a well-maintained machine can last for several years. However, it is important to regularly clean and lubricate the machine to ensure its longevity. Additionally, using the machine within its recommended capacity and avoiding excessive force can also help prolong its lifespan.

8.Does automatic feed screw driver have a chip conveyor for efficient waste removal?

automatic feed screw driver is not a product only, but also can help you comes to money-making.
It depends on the specific model and manufacturer of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some models may have a built-in chip conveyor for efficient waste removal, while others may require manual removal of waste. It is best to check with the manufacturer or product specifications to determine if a chip conveyor is included.

9.Does automatic feed screw driver have automatic bar feed capability?

We attach importance to the innovation ability and team spirit of employees, have advanced R & D facilities and laboratories, and have a good quality management system.
Yes, some automatic screwdriver machines have automatic bar feed capability. This feature allows the machine to automatically feed screws from a bar or tube, eliminating the need for manual loading of individual screws. This can increase efficiency and productivity in assembly processes. However, not all automatic screwdriver machines have this capability, so it is important to check the specifications of a specific machine before purchasing.

Does automatic feed screw driver have automatic bar feed capability?

10.How does automatic feed screw driver handle complex-shaped parts?

We focus on providing high automatic feed screw driver quality products and services.Automatic screwdriver machines are designed to handle a wide range of complex-shaped parts. These machines use advanced technology and precision engineering to accurately and efficiently drive screws into complex-shaped parts.

Here are some ways in which automatic screwdriver machines handle complex-shaped parts:

1. Customized Fixtures: Automatic screwdriver machines can be equipped with customized fixtures that are specifically designed to hold and position complex-shaped parts. These fixtures ensure that the parts are held securely in place during the screwdriving process, preventing any movement or misalignment.

2. Multiple Spindles: Many automatic screwdriver machines come with multiple spindles, which allow them to drive screws into multiple points on a complex-shaped part simultaneously. This reduces the time required for screwdriving and ensures that all screws are driven accurately and consistently.

3. Flexible Programming: Automatic screwdriver machines can be programmed to handle different types of complex-shaped parts. The programming can be customized to adjust the speed, torque, and angle of the screwdriver based on the shape and size of the part, ensuring precise and efficient screwdriving.

4. Vision Systems: Some automatic screwdriver machines are equipped with vision systems that use cameras and sensors to detect the position and orientation of complex-shaped parts. This allows the machine to adjust its movements and ensure accurate screwdriving even on irregularly shaped parts.

5. Adaptive Control: Automatic screwdriver machines with adaptive control technology can adjust the screwdriving process in real-time based on the feedback from sensors and vision systems. This allows the machine to adapt to any changes in the shape or position of the part, ensuring consistent and accurate screwdriving.

Overall, automatic screwdriver machines use a combination of advanced technology, precision engineering, and customizable features to handle complex-shaped parts with ease and efficiency.

11.Do I need training to use automatic feed screw driver?

We pay attention to the introduction and training of talents, scientifically regulate the management system, and focus on cultural construction and team cohesion.
Yes, training is recommended for using an automatic screwdriver machine. While some machines may be user-friendly and easy to operate, it is important to understand the proper procedures and safety precautions to ensure efficient and safe operation. Training can also help users troubleshoot any issues that may arise during operation. Additionally, some manufacturers may require training before providing technical support or warranty coverage.

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