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15 years of automatic drill screw feeder production experience.

Wide versatility, small size, can be used with production line, easy to replace the product.

With intelligent detection function.

High degree of automation, easy to operate.

Short customization lead time. ODM or OEM is OK

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HAOLIMAC TECHNOLOGY, located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen. A high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of various automatic screwdriver machines. Our high-quality products include Surface Mount Pick And Place Machine,XYZ desktop automatic screw fitting machine,Fixed Auto Screw Feeder Machine,Multi-Spindle Auto Screw Machine,multi axis automatic screw driving machine,Handheld Automatic Screw Feeder Machine,Customized Auto Screwdriver Machine and are widely used in fields such as furniture,aviation,medical,toys,automobiles,plastic hardware products.

After 15 years of research and development in automation equipment, we have now become a leading manufacturer of automatic screw mechanisms in China. We are committed to effectively and efficiently serving global customers. Improve product quality and production capacity for customers, reduce production costs and labor costs. The product is exported to regions such as Europe,America,Oceania.

Product Name automatic drill screw feeder
Place of Origin China
Product Type automatic screwdriver machine
Colors Customized
Feature high quality,Fast speed…
Packaging Size(cm) 143 * 90 * 88 (Please consult us for specific details)
Package Strong wooden box
Weight (Kg) 88
Export region America,Asia,Europe…
Export Country USA,France,Italy,Australia,South Africa,Central African Republic,Reunion…etc
Experience 15 Years
Warranty 1 Year
Application furniture,household appliances,toys…etc
After-sale Service Online technical support
Power Source Electric
Machinery Test Report Provided
Lead time (days) 10-30(To be negotiated)
OEM,ODM Acceptatble

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With the continuous progress of technology and the demand for industrial production, automatic drill screw feeder has emerged. It adopts CNC technology and can complete various stages of screw processing through pre-set programs, such as feeding, feeding, bending, cutting, tooth surface processing, etc. This type of machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, and stable operation, which can effectively reduce human factors in production and ensure product consistency and stability.


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auto screwdriving machine

automatic drill screw feeder—FAQs Guide

1.How does automatic drill screw feeder handle small diameter parts?

We continue to improve automatic drill screw feeder products and processes to improve efficiency.Automatic screwdriver machines are designed to handle a wide range of screw sizes, including small diameter parts. These machines use a variety of mechanisms and features to ensure that small diameter parts are handled efficiently and accurately.

1. Adjustable Screw Feeder: Most automatic screwdriver machines come with an adjustable screw feeder that can accommodate different screw sizes. This allows the machine to handle small diameter screws without any issues.

2. Vibratory Bowl Feeder: Some automatic screwdriver machines use a vibratory bowl feeder to sort and orient small screws before they are fed into the machine. This ensures that the screws are properly aligned and can be picked up by the screwdriver without any problems.

3. Precision Screwdriver: Automatic screwdriver machines use precision screwdrivers that are specifically designed to handle small diameter screws. These screwdrivers have a smaller tip and are more delicate, allowing them to accurately pick up and drive small screws without damaging them.

4. Screw Detection Sensors: To ensure that the machine is picking up the correct screw size, some automatic screwdriver machines use screw detection sensors. These sensors can detect the size and shape of the screw and adjust the machine accordingly.

5. Adjustable Torque Control: Small diameter screws require a lower torque setting compared to larger screws. Automatic screwdriver machines have adjustable torque control features that allow them to adjust the torque based on the screw size, ensuring that the screws are not over-tightened.

6. Customized Tooling: In some cases, the automatic screwdriver machine may require customized tooling to handle very small diameter screws. This can include specialized screwdriver bits or attachments that are designed specifically for small screws.

Overall, automatic screwdriver machines are designed to handle small diameter parts with precision and efficiency. With the right features and adjustments, these machines can easily handle a wide range of screw sizes, making them a versatile solution for various industries.

2.Can automatic drill screw feeder install complex screw configurations?

We have advantages in marketing and channel expansion. Suppliers have established good cooperative relations, continuously improved workflows, improved efficiency and productivity, and provided customers with high -quality products and services.
Yes, some automatic screwdriver machines are designed to handle complex screw configurations. These machines are equipped with advanced technology and programming capabilities that allow them to accurately and efficiently install screws of various sizes, shapes, and configurations. They can also be customized to meet specific screw installation requirements for different products and industries.

3.How accurate is the automatic drill screw feeder?

We focus on innovation and continuous improvement to maintain a competitive advantage.
The accuracy of an automatic screwdriver machine depends on various factors such as the quality of the machine, the type of screws being used, and the skill of the operator. Generally, automatic screwdriver machines have a high level of accuracy and can consistently place screws within a few millimeters of their intended location. However, the accuracy may vary depending on the specific machine and its settings. It is important to properly calibrate and maintain the machine to ensure optimal accuracy.

How accurate is the automatic drill screw feeder?

4.Does automatic drill screw feeder have a chip conveyor for efficient waste removal?

automatic drill screw feeder is not a product only, but also can help you comes to money-making.
It depends on the specific model and manufacturer of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some models may have a built-in chip conveyor for efficient waste removal, while others may require manual removal of waste. It is best to check with the manufacturer or product specifications to determine if a chip conveyor is included.

5.Do I need manufacturer support to use automatic drill screw feeder?

We maintain a stable growth through reasonable capital operations, focus on industry development trends and cutting -edge technologies, and focus on product quality and safety performance.
It depends on the specific model and brand of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some machines may require manufacturer support for installation, maintenance, and repairs, while others may be designed for easy use without the need for manufacturer support. It is best to consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for more information on the specific machine you are interested in using.

6.What is the maximum part length automatic drill screw feeder can handle?

We adhere to the principle of integrity and transparency, and establish long -term relationships with partners, and we attach great importance to this detail.
The maximum part length that an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can handle depends on the specific model and design of the machine. Some machines may have a maximum part length of 12 inches, while others may be able to handle parts up to 36 inches in length. It is important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific machine to determine its maximum part length capacity.

What is the maximum part length automatic drill screw feeder can handle?

7.How much does the maintenance and upkeep of automatic drill screw feeder cost?

As one of the top automatic drill screw feeder manufacturers in China, we take this very seriously.
The cost of maintenance and upkeep for an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can vary depending on the specific model and brand, as well as the frequency and type of maintenance required. Generally, the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per year. This may include expenses such as replacement parts, lubricants, and labor costs for routine maintenance and repairs. It is important to regularly maintain and service the machine to ensure its optimal performance and longevity.

8.As a automatic drill screw feeder manufacturer,What Service Can You Provide Before Order?

We provide you professional answers of all your questions on our machines, such as technical parameter, price, payment terms, etc. If you want visit our factory and check the machines, we also can send you invitation letter and give you our warmest welcome.

9.Do I need training to use automatic drill screw feeder?

We pay attention to the introduction and training of talents, scientifically regulate the management system, and focus on cultural construction and team cohesion.
Yes, training is recommended for using an automatic screwdriver machine. While some machines may be user-friendly and easy to operate, it is important to understand the proper procedures and safety precautions to ensure efficient and safe operation. Training can also help users troubleshoot any issues that may arise during operation. Additionally, some manufacturers may require training before providing technical support or warranty coverage.

Do I need training to use automatic drill screw feeder?

10.What is the working principle of Automatic Screwdriver Machine?

As one of the automatic drill screw feeder market leaders, we are known for innovation and reliability.
The working principle of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine involves the use of a rotating spindle and a feeding mechanism to automatically pick up and drive screws into a workpiece.

1. Screw Feeding: The first step in the process is the feeding of screws into the machine. This can be done manually or through a hopper or bowl feeder. The screws are then aligned and positioned for the next step.

2. Screw Pickup: The machine uses a rotating spindle with a magnetic tip to pick up a screw from the feeding mechanism. The magnetic tip ensures that the screw is securely held in place.

3. Screw Driving: Once the screw is picked up, the spindle rotates and moves towards the workpiece. The screw is then driven into the workpiece with the help of a torque-controlled motor. The depth of the screw can be adjusted according to the requirements.

4. Screw Release: After the screw is driven into the workpiece, the spindle releases the screw and moves back to its original position to pick up the next screw.

5. Repeat Process: The process is repeated continuously until all the screws are driven into the workpiece. The speed and accuracy of the process can be controlled through the machine’s settings.

Overall, the working principle of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine involves the precise coordination of the feeding mechanism, rotating spindle, and torque-controlled motor to efficiently and accurately drive screws into a workpiece.


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