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HAOLIMAC TECHNOLOGY has 15 years of industry experience and is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, with convenient transportation. Our company specializes in the production and sales of Adsorption Automatic Screw Machine,Fixed Auto Screw Feeder Machine,Customized Auto Screwdriver Machine,Automatic Screw Driving Machine Accessory,multi axis automatic screw driving machine,Multi-Spindle Auto Screw Machine and other equipment. With rich experience and resources, we have won the trust of many foreign customers. We not only provide machines, but also solutions and services.

We have partners in regions such as Oceania,America,Asia and are trusted by various Automatic Screw Machine manufacturers to become quality partners. Our leading technology, advanced equipment, scientific management, and comprehensive after-sales service are your confidence guarantees.

Product Name automatic and screw machines
Colors Customized
Driving mode Stepping motor
Package Strong wooden box
Programming interface Teaching pandent
Experience 15 Years
Product features High precision,Easy to operate…
Application communication equipment,automobiles,household appliances,plastic hardware products…etc
After-sale Service Real time online services

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Do you need a high efficiency pneumatic automatic and screw machines? HAOLIMAC provide the blowing auto feed screw machine for plastic toys, door hinge,switch,electric watchcase and various of products that need to spend too much time on locking screws.


electric automatic screw driver machine


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auto screwdriving machine

automatic and screw machines—FAQs Guide

1.Does automatic and screw machines have a chip conveyor for efficient waste removal?

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It depends on the specific model and manufacturer of the automatic screwdriver machine. Some models may have a built-in chip conveyor for efficient waste removal, while others may require manual removal of waste. It is best to check with the manufacturer or product specifications to determine if a chip conveyor is included.

2.What is the maximum turning diameter automatic and screw machines can handle?

We are centered on customers and always pay attention to customers’ needs for automatic and screw machines products.
The maximum turning diameter of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, most machines can handle turning diameters ranging from 1mm to 20mm. Some high-end models may be able to handle larger turning diameters up to 30mm or more. It is important to check the specifications of the specific machine to determine its maximum turning diameter capacity.

What is the maximum turning diameter automatic and screw machines can handle?

3.How does automatic and screw machines handle small diameter parts?

We continue to improve automatic and screw machines products and processes to improve efficiency.Automatic screwdriver machines are designed to handle a wide range of screw sizes, including small diameter parts. These machines use a variety of mechanisms and features to ensure that small diameter parts are handled efficiently and accurately.

1. Adjustable Screw Feeder: Most automatic screwdriver machines come with an adjustable screw feeder that can accommodate different screw sizes. This allows the machine to handle small diameter screws without any issues.

2. Vibratory Bowl Feeder: Some automatic screwdriver machines use a vibratory bowl feeder to sort and orient small screws before they are fed into the machine. This ensures that the screws are properly aligned and can be picked up by the screwdriver without any problems.

3. Precision Screwdriver: Automatic screwdriver machines use precision screwdrivers that are specifically designed to handle small diameter screws. These screwdrivers have a smaller tip and are more delicate, allowing them to accurately pick up and drive small screws without damaging them.

4. Screw Detection Sensors: To ensure that the machine is picking up the correct screw size, some automatic screwdriver machines use screw detection sensors. These sensors can detect the size and shape of the screw and adjust the machine accordingly.

5. Adjustable Torque Control: Small diameter screws require a lower torque setting compared to larger screws. Automatic screwdriver machines have adjustable torque control features that allow them to adjust the torque based on the screw size, ensuring that the screws are not over-tightened.

6. Customized Tooling: In some cases, the automatic screwdriver machine may require customized tooling to handle very small diameter screws. This can include specialized screwdriver bits or attachments that are designed specifically for small screws.

Overall, automatic screwdriver machines are designed to handle small diameter parts with precision and efficiency. With the right features and adjustments, these machines can easily handle a wide range of screw sizes, making them a versatile solution for various industries.

4.How fast is the automatic and screw machines?

We have a professional team that is committed to the innovation and development of automatic and screw machines.
The speed of an automatic screwdriver machine can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Some machines can place screws at a rate of 60-80 screws per minute, while others can place screws at a rate of 100-150 screws per minute. The speed can also be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the production line.

How fast is the automatic and screw machines?

5.What is the working principle of Automatic Screwdriver Machine?

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The working principle of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine involves the use of a rotating spindle and a feeding mechanism to automatically pick up and drive screws into a workpiece.

1. Screw Feeding: The first step in the process is the feeding of screws into the machine. This can be done manually or through a hopper or bowl feeder. The screws are then aligned and positioned for the next step.

2. Screw Pickup: The machine uses a rotating spindle with a magnetic tip to pick up a screw from the feeding mechanism. The magnetic tip ensures that the screw is securely held in place.

3. Screw Driving: Once the screw is picked up, the spindle rotates and moves towards the workpiece. The screw is then driven into the workpiece with the help of a torque-controlled motor. The depth of the screw can be adjusted according to the requirements.

4. Screw Release: After the screw is driven into the workpiece, the spindle releases the screw and moves back to its original position to pick up the next screw.

5. Repeat Process: The process is repeated continuously until all the screws are driven into the workpiece. The speed and accuracy of the process can be controlled through the machine’s settings.

Overall, the working principle of an Automatic Screwdriver Machine involves the precise coordination of the feeding mechanism, rotating spindle, and torque-controlled motor to efficiently and accurately drive screws into a workpiece.

6.How many screws can the automatic and screw machines automatically install?

We have flexible production capacity. Whether you are large orders or small orders, you can produce and release goods in a timely manner to meet customer needs.
The number of screws that can be automatically installed by an Automatic Screwdriver Machine depends on the specific model and design of the machine. Some machines may be able to install hundreds or even thousands of screws per hour, while others may have a lower capacity. It is best to consult the manufacturer or specifications of the specific machine to determine its maximum capacity.

How many screws can the automatic and screw machines automatically install?

7.Can automatic and screw machines monitor the production process in real-time?

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Yes, some automatic screwdriver machines have the capability to monitor the production process in real-time. This is typically achieved through the use of sensors and software that can track the movement and performance of the machine, as well as the number of screws being inserted and any errors or malfunctions that may occur. This real-time monitoring allows for better control and optimization of the production process, as well as the ability to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

8.Can automatic and screw machines perform bar peeling operations?

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No, an automatic screwdriver machine is designed specifically for screwdriving operations and is not capable of performing bar peeling operations. Bar peeling is a specialized process that requires specific machinery and tools designed for that purpose.

Can automatic and screw machines perform bar peeling operations?

9.What kind of screws can automatic and screw machines handle?

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Automatic Screwdriver Machines can handle a variety of screws, including:

1. Phillips head screws
2. Flat head screws
3. Torx head screws
4. Hex head screws
5. Square head screws
6. Pan head screws
7. Round head screws
8. Truss head screws
9. Button head screws
10. Socket head screws
11. Self-tapping screws
12. Self-drilling screws
13. Machine screws


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