Auto Screwdriver Machine

Double Platforms Auto Screw Tightening Machine

1. Enlarged feeder, no need to add products frequently.

2. Automatic detection of missing locks, floating locks, slippery teeth, to ensure the quality of locking effect.

3. Double batch and double platform, suitable for uneven distribution of screws, to realize double efficiency.

4. It is suitable for screws of different materials and sizes.

5. No carbon brush electric batch, no consumables.

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Auto Screw Tightening Machine China Supplier

China Auto screw tightening machine with strong performance and high efficiency, suitable for most products on the market, all aluminum alloy structure has strong flexibility, the use of intelligent chips, adjustable design to achieve multi-purpose machine, double electric screwdriver, dual-station, the product pick and place time and locking time in parallel to save manpower, to support the front process into the back process to take out, to achieve low-cost unmanned operation for all kinds of small electronic products screw locking and attachment, such as cell phones, digital products, electronic products, and so on.

Automatic Electric Locking Screwdriver Machines Specifications

Machine G.W. About 95KG
Size 880*900*840mm (According to customer product)
Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ
Power 300W
Environmemt Temperature -20~40℃
Machine Rack Steel table, aluminum frame
Human-computer Interface Touch screen
Program Input Coordinate Inpute
Host Program Control Omron PLC
Communication Serial port RS232C, computer communication software
Location Accuracy X,Y:+/-0.02mm Z: +/-0.02mm
Running Speed 500mm/sec(X-Y)
Automatic Screw Feeder Either on or off the workbench
Feeding Quantity of Screw Configuration is based on the quantity of locking screws, a machine can send 2 screws
Screwdriver KILEWS screwdriver (torque according to customer product configuration)
Quantity of Z-axis 1-4 electric screwdrivers
Locking Scope of XY-axis According to customer product customization
Locking Scope of Z-zxis According to customer product customization
Screw Slide Tooth Detection Yes
Screw Leak Lock Detection Yes
Screw Leakage Detection Yes
Handling of Locking Defects Alarm lights and buzzers
Model No. H-307
Name automatic screwdriver machine
Application Communication industry;Optoelectronics industry;appliance industry;Automotive industry;Toy industry
Driving mode Stepping motor
Lead rail Upper silver
Programming interface teaching pandent
Drawing figure straight line,circle,arc,continuous marking,3D irregular line
Moving range X=500MM,Y=300MM,Z=100MM,R=360
Repeated precision ±0.02mm
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Size 880*900*840mm
Weight 80KG
Package Strong wooden box

Electric Automatic Screwdriver Machine Pictures

electric-automatic-screwdriver-machine automatic-electric-locking-screwdriver-machines

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