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Double Screwdrivers Auto Screw Machine For Keyboard

1. PLC touch screen control panel, simple operation

2. double feeder with large capacity, strong stability without sticking screws

3. High stability, all key components are imported high-quality brands.

4. Strong versatility for different products.

5. Efficient pneumatic feeding mechanism to send screws directly to the batch head.

6. 0-M5 screws are available, stable operation, a wide range of applicable screw models.

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Hard Disk Auto Screw Machine China Supplier

HAOLIMAC Auto screw machine adopts double electric screwdrivers, suitable for products with the same hole spacing. Blowing feeding structure, fast speed, high stability. Sheet metal frame is strong and durable, it is not easy to damage after many years of use.

High-speed motion control card can real-time follow-up of production data. Intelligent electric screwdriver, fast speed, high precision, long life, maintenance-free, support many different torque output. Automatic detection of floating height, slippery teeth, leakage of locks, etc.

Auto Feed Screwdriver Machine Specifications

Model H-310
Electric Screwdriver Servo batch
Control System PLC+ Touch screen
Work Trip 300/300/100/180℃
Load 10KG
Moving Speed 300-1000s/mm
Lock Time About 0.6-1.5s
Repeatability ±0.02mm
Record Mode 999 Groups
Display Mode Touch Screen
Motor System Closed-Loop Servomotor
Rail Shangyin Taiwan
Photoelectricity Omron
Feeding Mode Blow Type
Transmission Mode Synchronization Belt / Lead Screw
Driver Study and Control
Alarm Function Slip Teeth, Float lock, Leak lock
Applicable Screw M0.9-M6.0
Input Voltage Full Voltage AC220V
External Control Interface RS232

Auto Screw Tighten Machine Pictures

multi-spindle-automated-screwdriver-machines multi-axis-automatic-screw-locking-machine

Fast Automatic Screw Driver Machine Application


Auto Screw Tightening Machine For Terminal Workshop


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