Auto Screw Feeder Machine‎

Self Counting Hand Control Auto Screw Feeder Machine‎

1.Brushless screwdriver is light weight and won’t get hot even after long time use.

2.Labor-saving and efficient, no need to pick up screws frequently.

3.Special shaped screw screening mechanism with low noise and little damage to the screw surface.

4.Torque automatic detection and counting function. Ensure good locking effect and easy to calculate capacity.

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China High Speed Auto Screw Feeder Machine Manufacturer

Do you need a high efficiency pneumatic auto screw feeder machine? HAOLIMAC provide the blowing auto feed screw machine for plastic toys, door hinge,switch,electric watchcase and various of products that need to spend too much time on locking screws.

Features of Electric Handheld Screwdriver With Automatic Feeding System

  1. Versatile, rugged and are “automatic feeder ready”
  2. Flexibility: Standard universal fixtures are suitable for a wide range of production requirements.
  3. Extensive versatility: M1-M4 screw locking can be achieved by replacing the feed screw module.
  4. Desktop type can be placed on the production line.
  5. High-rigidity aluminum alloy multi-axis design ensures reliability and accuracy.
  6. More user-friendly touch screen or teaching pendant operation, easy to operate. External technical parameters and manual test functions can be directly adjusted by the technician.
  7. The screw locking mechanism can work without a teach pendant connection.
  8. ODM or OEM is OK.

Specification of High Speed Automatic Feeder Screwdriver Machine

Machine Dimension 360*250*195mm Screw Feeding Method Automatic
Screwdriver Tips Depends screw size Screw Feeding Automatic
Screwdriver Weight 8kg Counting Function Yes
Input Voltage 220V Auto Feebding Speed 0.3~0.5 s/pcs
Power 20W Locking Speed 60~90 pcs/min
Screw Type Any type Feeder Capacity 3000~8000(pcs)
Applicatable Depends screw size Torque Depend screwdriver
Screw Size M1~M6 Torque Percision ±3%
Screw Lengt 2.0~50mm Torque Adjustment Adjustable
Parts Depth 0~60mm Rotation Speed 3000
Working Pressure 4~6kg/cm2 Conveying Distance 1M-4M

Pictures of Handheld Screw Lock Machine

handheld-screw-machine handheld-automatic-screw-machine handheld-air-blow-automatic-screw-feeder-machine manual-m1m6-handheld-screw-fastening-machine handheld-screw-lock-machine handheld-lock-screw-machine electric-handheld-screwdriver-with-automatic-feeding-system

Application of Handheld Lock Screw Machine


Workshop of Manual M1M6 Handheld Screw Fastening Machine


Package & Delivery of Handheld Automatic Screw Machine

Packing: 1 set/CTN , 32KG/CTN or According to the actual shipment

Carton Size: 55×45×45 cm

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