How to pick the right automatic screw driving machine

How to choose automatic screw driving machine?

Many factories need to use automatic screw driving machine, but many people do not know how to choose a suitable automatic screwdriver robot. automatic screw tightening machine on the market can be described as a variety of other customers can not judge how to choose. There are many different kinds of automatic screw tightening machines on the market, so customers are not able to judge how to choose one. HOLITEK will explain in detail how to choose an automatic screwdriver machine.

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4 Steps to Selecting an Automatic Screw Driving Machine

  • Can automatic screw driving machine screen screws?

Specific production process there will be burrs, flat head, big head and other shaped screws, grab a hand with all kinds of shaped screws do not meet the size specifications, put into the hopper. If the screw machine in the operation of the process of screening out abnormal screws, there will be no card machine, that is, to meet the conditions of a good screw machine.

  • Can automatic screwdriver machine automatically replenish materials?

After we have completed the first step, the screw machine screening to a shaped screw, there must be a gap; if the system can be replenished in a timely manner, there will be no gap. This is the second prerequisite for a good screw machine.

  • Does the automatic screwdriver machine float?

Some manufacturers in order to make the shaped screws through the smooth passage of all the channels increased, that will lead to the batch nozzle is not easy to align the screws cross slot, resulting in locking screws floating teeth, increasing the number of substandard products.

  • Does the automatic screwdriver machine repeat feeding?

Sometimes the first one is not tightly clamped, lightly touch the signal will be another screw delivery, that is to say, to come to the double-grain screws.

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So choose automatic screwdriver machine, just follow these 4 steps can be, screening, automatic replenishment, whether floating teeth, whether repeated feeding. If these 4 steps are complete through, then this is a more perfect screw machine.



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