8 features and 4 advantages of screw feeding machines

8 characteristics of screw feeding machine

1. Screw feeding machine screw transportation, locking payment in one go. Further increase productivity and save labor.
2. The electric screwdriver set is small and does not obstruct the view of the employee’s actual operation.
3. The net weight of the electric screwdriver is very light, and the workers are not prone to feel heavy during the actual operation.
4. Noise Undertones.
5. Underfeeding intelligent alarm function.
6. Omitting the action of grasping screws, moving and pointing improves work efficiency.
7. If you immediately point to the screw hole distance, gently press the screw on the lock, no repeated feeder condition, lock a grain to a grain, save time and labor.
8. The electric screwdriver set is very light, don’t have to worry about because the top of the head is too heavy and enhance the worker’s fatigue value!

screw feeding machine

4 advantages of screw feeding machines

  • Convenient

One-handed operation of locking screws, lightweight and fast.

  • Time-saving

Save moving, climbing screws, moving screws pointing to the position of the conical, completely without the need to wait for the time.

  • Stable

Selection of imported components, depth processing, stable characteristics, more durable.

  • Simple

No professional skills training can be, beginners can also work skillfully, long-term work is not easy to get tired.

auto screw feeder machine‎

Screw feeding machine applicable industry scope

Widely used in every manufacturing industry: such as cell phones on, solid state disk, computer keyboards, small toys, communication electronics, LED lighting lamps and lanterns, household appliances, automobile spare parts, hardware processing and manufacturing industry, such as assembling.

Screw feeding machine available screw specifications

1. Available screw specification models 2.5-6.0mm.
2. The available screw head pattern such as: a word, cross, triangle, red plum blossom, hexagonal, H head, etc..
3. Commodity raw materials for locking screws, such as: plastic, iron, aluminum, etc..

Dedicated to production line design solutions

1. Multi-axis additionally locks and pays to save labor service.
2 Multi jigs and fixtures work together with high efficiency.
3. Imported components are stable.
4. Tailor-made plan is more powerful.



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