7 Reasons to Choose the Right China Screw Fastening Machine

The screw fastening machine has the advantages of high quality, high automation, high power, high stability, and can realize intelligent operation. HOLITEK has been committed to research and development of screw fastening machine for many years, and has completed many cases of locking customized screws, such as widely used customized zinc-plated, silver-plated, plastic and even gold-plated screws, HOLITEK has a corresponding solution to solve the locking problem.

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What are the advantages of screw fastening machine?

In recent years, due to the shortage of workers led to the employment crisis, the company had to use multi-axis screw fastening machine to replace the workers to make things better, these chain reaction to bring a lot of changes in the company.

1. In the use of multi-axis automatic screwdriver before, you need to check the multi-axis automatic screwdriver ventilation connected to the power situation, turn on the power switch and ventilation valve.
2. According to the different products of multi-axis screw fastening machine to carry out programmed manipulation, and check such as the number of spare parts drive process.
3. In the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine into the material, and then carry out step by step to start or inch movement, and then arrived to check such as the accuracy of the work and the process in place.
4. Before using the multi-axis automatic locking screw machine, start the test operation, and check the effect of products, quality. But such as the number into the stable, before you can be sure to use the production.
5. Need to carry out in advance on the multi-axis screw fastening machine to carry out regular quality checks, and carry out multi-axis automatic locking screw machine function judgment.
6. With the increasingly rapid pace of industrialization, the traditional manual operation has been far from being able to meet the needs of manufacturers. Have to find another shortcut, just automated machinery to make up for the shortcomings of this market.
7. Many companies are still in the situation of using the traditional manual screwdriver, due to manpower problems lead to production capacity has been stagnant.
8. Multi-axis automatic locking screw machine, you can greatly save the cost of manpower, only one person up and down to take materials can be, time-saving, labor-saving, simple operation, the realization of mechanized processing.


7 reasons to choose a screw fastening machine

  • Labor Saving

It can be operated efficiently by a single person, and one person is equivalent to the power of three.

  • High Efficiency

Up to 40 screws per minute for an instant 2x improvement in efficiency.

  • Avoid Screw Contamination

No more direct contact with the screws, avoiding the problem of secondary contamination of the hands leading to rust.

  • Easier

One worker is required for a single machine, just to finish loading and unloading.

  • Dependability

Can operate more than 20 hours a day.

  • Universality

On the lock of the same screw products, just replace the jig, can lock different products, through a brief programming, can be put into production, greatly facilitating the organization of production.

  • Good Image

High-tech automation equipment to make the enterprise production phenomenon a new, high-tech image of the establishment of enterprises.


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