5 advantages of the right auto screw feeder machine‎ in China

What are the advantages of the auto screw feeder machine?

Auto screw feeder machine‎ completes screw locking through three parts: feeding system, distribution system and locking system. All the actions are controlled by the program of the machine itself.Auto screw feeder machine‎ each system parts need to be customized according to the actual screw specification, the angle and scale of the position to be locked and so on, they are all non-standardized parts.Auto screw feeder machine‎, the screws are sorted onto the vibrating rail by the loading organization component and transported to the screw distribution system, where the screws are distributed and sent to the locking nozzles through the distribution system and the screws are locked into the products by the electric or pneumatic screwdriver.

auto screw feeder machine‎

HOLITEK takes a look at the 5 advantages of the auto screw feeder machine‎

  • Lightweight

The auto screw feeder machine is more compact and lightweight.

  • Silos can be left open

When organizing impurities and replace screws, auto screw feeder machine can conveniently open the silo so that the screws or impurities can automatically flow out through the screw discharge port. (Other manufacturers of such equipment does not have this function, other manufacturers to organize the material bin either with a magnet to suck, or inverted over the equipment, assuming that the encounter of stainless steel screws will be even more difficult to deal with)

  • Auto screw feeder machine with its own energy saving method

When the auto screw feeder machine is idle for a specific period of time, the equipment automatically starts the energy-saving method, which can reduce the consumption of the equipment and also reduce the wear and tear between the screws and guide rails to ensure the maximum durability of the equipment. Assuming that the use of the equipment can automatically wake up immediately to use without waiting. (This function other manufacturers do not, this focus on the embodiment: energy saving, screws and guide rail wear and tear to reduce, increase longevity, can automatically wake up on the spot)

  • Auto screw feeder machine can universalize all screws

HOLITEK was the first to implement the reform by breaking the tradition of one screw for one model. Replacement of screws can be completed by replacing only the small module and the batch head, and the entire replacement process can be completed in less than five minutes.

  • High compatibility

Auto screw feeder machine can be equipped with a variety of batch heads and a variety of product locking requirements.

Above is this article on the auto screw feeder machine what are the advantages of the whole content, to understand the advantages of the auto screw feeder machine, can make us better in the production process according to local conditions, the use of appropriate equipment, to maximize the production efficiency.

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HOLITEK undertakes all kinds of customized screw locking projects, such as plastic screws, zinc-plated, silver-plated and even gold-plated screws, and we have successful locking cases. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.


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