4 Advantages of the right Screw Fastening Robot in China

The role of the screw fastening robot

Screw fastening robot is an indispensable manufacturing assistant for labor-intensive industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, smart phones and mechanical watches! Manual production and manufacturing efficiency is low, product quality is not very good control, there is a waste of raw materials. In the enterprise production, locking screws generally belong to the late production process, if this link is not allowed to control, it will affect the overall shipping efficiency. Here comes out the advantages of screw fastening robot, the following HOLITEK for you to introduce the 4 advantages of screwdriver automatic machine.

screw fastening robot

4 advantages of the screw fastening robot

  • Wide range of use

Screw fastening machine has a relatively wide range of use, basically, where there is a screw there is its figure, it is also the automation equipment inside the most used equipment, especially the production of large factories inside the product production line, basically used on the screw fastening robot. can be said that, screwdriver automatic machine is the company to realize unmanned manufacturing operations, manufacturing more controllable good helper!

  • Fast manufacturing speed

Production workers can be flexibly deployed according to the production speed of the equipment to achieve optimal integration of resources, a small and medium-sized enterprise, the investment cost recovery takes only about six months. Overall, the degree of improvement at the labor and efficiency level and the decline in labor costs are visible to the naked eye.

  • Adjustable design with great development prospects

Screw fastening robot mainly includes frame structure, multi-axis platform, automatic feeding system, corner electric batch components, tooling fixture components, etc. It can be used for small and medium-sized electronic products to complete a series of actions such as feeding screws, sucking screws, positioning products, corner locking and so on. In the future, with the continuous upgrading of economic industrialization, the company’s production automation, intelligence, standardization requirements continue to improve, there is still a lot of room for development of automatic screw fitting machine, automatic screw mechanism will be towards miniaturization, diversification, intelligent direction of development, multi-axis, multi-position automatic locking is the development trend of the industry.

  • High stability

Screw fastening robot intelligent detection compared to traditional detection methods to find faults more timely, thus reducing the risk of failure. And the diversity of fault types can be detected for further improvement of automatic locking technology to provide a basis for detecting screw machine faults to protect the high efficiency of the production line, to improve economic efficiency has a greater role.


The introduction of screw fastening robot, the success of the original mainly by manual labor involved in the manufacture of mechanical products assembly process into an automatic industrial structure to carry out, make up for the original manual labor production in the existence of a number of shortcomings, and effectively realize the screw assembly efficiency, which is undoubtedly for the entire screw machine industry is a very meaningful technological innovation. This kind of equipment cost is low, and the technology is very mature, can realize several different screws in a limited range of common. For the automation industry has made a great contribution.


HOLITEK, as a company specializing in the development of automation equipment, has been committed to improving production quality and efficiency for its customers. Our aim is to replace manual labor, reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure quality.HOLITEK undertakes a variety of customized screw locking projects, such as plastic screws, galvanized, silver-plated and even gold-plated screws we have a successful case, please feel free to contact us if you need. All the best to all of you.


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